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  • The Producers at Lower Ossington Theatre September 15, 2018
    I just saw The Producers at the Lower Ossington Theatre. I have so many different sorts of responses, I want to keep them straight. 1. The theatre 2. The play (I know every line of the film, the play is … Continue reading →
  • Wagner & Sibelius insights with Margarete von Vaight September 13, 2018
    There’s so much to know about some repertoire, a little flash of insight about this song or that role can get lost in the massive store-house of knowledge. It used to be said among my circle of friends at university … Continue reading →
  • I Call myself Princess September 12, 2018
    I watched and listened to the second preview of I Call Myself Princess, Jani Lauzon’s impressive new play with opera, presented at Aki Studio in a collaboration between A Paper Canoe Projects, Cahoots Theatre and Native Earth Performing Arts. Genre … Continue reading →
  • Liszt’s Winterreise September 8, 2018
    After experiencing the 24 man deconstructed Winterreise from Tongue in Cheek Productions, I’ve had all that Schubert rattling around in my head the past couple of days. Given that I had to return a couple of books anyway, to the … Continue reading →
  • Pain in the neck September 8, 2018
    What is dignity if not a kind of self-respect.  You notice it most when it’s not there, perhaps taking it for granted otherwise. I got my hair cut on the way to a concert. In passing I want to make … Continue reading →

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  • I Call Myself Princess review at Opera Canada September 18, 2018
    My review of Jani Lauzon’s I Call myself Princess is now up on the Opera Canada website.
  • More than the kitchen sink September 16, 2018
    I’m a bit surprised that Berlioz’ 1838 opera Benvenuto Cellini hasn’t come my way before. It’s got all the operatic elements; romance, politics, murder (and the Pope) etc and some really rather good music.  There’s a lovely duet between Cellini … Continue reading →
  • Mysterious Barricades September 15, 2018
    Today saw a dawn to dusk livestream of concerts from St. John’s to Victoria; presented as Mysterious Barricades, aimed at raising awareness about suicide, suicide prevention and mental health generally.  I doubt there’s anybody whose life has not been touched … Continue reading →
  • Tapestry Briefs: Tasting Shorts September 15, 2018
    The current Tapestry Briefs is one of the most satisfying I have attended.  Briefs is the performance edition of the LibLab; an intense where composers collaborate with librettists to create new opera scenes.  Some of these disappear and some go … Continue reading →
  • I Call myself Princess September 15, 2018
    Jani Lauzon’s I Call myself Princess which opened Thursday night at the Aki Studio is a really good show and an important addition to the dramaturgy around Reconciliation and Cultural Appropriation.  I was reviewing for Opera Canada where I trust … Continue reading →

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  • Truth-telling September 2, 2018
    Every now and again, I get to do an interview where there’s no BS, where what you hear is just about all straight-up truth-telling. When that happens, you try to do your best to do the encounter justice. I hope I managed to do that in this interview with Erin Wall who talked to me […]
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  • Miss d’Angelo sure photographs well August 12, 2018
    A couple of good photos of Emily d’A in the Opera News apropos her recent prise du role as Rosina at Glimmerglass. At twenty-three, she has a rich, flexible, darkly gleaming voice, well suited to a fach she defines as “a lot of Rossini, a lot of Handel and Mozart—anything early.” High on her wish […]
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  • reGeneration, part the final – Nostalgic Romanticism July 22, 2018
    And so the Art of Song Academy concerts come to an end. Today I managed to get to the final one, the mostly German program with a Chausson piano quintet thrown in for a change of scenery. Renee Fajardo with Janhee Park on piano sang Schumann’s Der Soldat, Clara Schumann’s Die Lorelei and Schoenberg’s Galathea, […]
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  • L’Histoire de la soldate July 20, 2018
    By casting a woman in the title role in Stravinsky’s kind-of staged L’Histoire du soldat performed last night at Koerner Hall in the Toronto Summer Music Festival, Alaina Viau effectively rescued this rather thin story from the fate of being but a curious Russian folkloric riff on Faustian bargaining. The text, based on a story […]
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  • Toronto Summer Music Art of Song Academy – first concerts July 15, 2018
    I wrote a bit of a preview on the TSMF’s Art of Song Academy in the summer issue of Wholenote. The first of the recitals have just started happening. Yesterday, Julius Drake, who’s been working with the singers the preceding week, held a Master Class with four of them — four mezzo-sopranos, as it happens. […]
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