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  • The miraculous simplicity of Hearing Beethoven August 14, 2019
    I’m very grateful for the serendipity that led to Robin Wallace’s book even if the fate governing its creation is cruel indeed. A shy and short-sighted musicologist named Robin married a nurse named Barbara. She was losing her hearing.  I … Continue reading →
  • Funeral for Father Owen Lee Saturday, August 10th August 7, 2019
    The funeral for Father Owen Lee will take place on this Saturday, 10th August 2019 at 10 a.m. at St Basil’s Church, Bay Street at St Joseph. All lovers of music are encouraged to attend. Although not a member of the … Continue reading →
  • SOLT, The Importance of August 5, 2019
    This afternoon I saw the closing matinee of EARNEST, The Importance of Being, presented by Summer Opera Lyric Theatre and Research Centre (aka SOLT), at the Robert Gill Theatre. It’s an operetta based on Oscar Wilde’s play with music by … Continue reading →
  • Song of the Earth August 2, 2019
    I can’t help noticing symmetry in 2019’s Toronto Summer Music and its Beyond Borders theme. The Festival opened July 12th with a concert featuring a Mozart sonata including the famous rondo “alla Turca” and a 20th century song cycle in … Continue reading →
  • Crow Comes Out July 30, 2019
    Tonight’s concert at Walter Hall –“Europe and the New World”—in the Toronto Summer Music Festival put artistic director Jonathan Crow into the spotlight.  He seems very comfortable there. That’s what I’m getting at with the headline. Our concert was sold … Continue reading →

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  • An anti-Salome? August 16, 2019
    I’ve learned not to dismiss Romeo Castellucci’s work on first watching because it has a nasty habit of starting to make sense on reflection.  His 2018 production of Richard Strauss’ Salome for the Salzburg Festival may be a case in … Continue reading →
  • Ukrainian Art Song Project August 15, 2019
    The Ukrainian Art Song Project’s summer intensive has a concert in Temerty Hall on Sunday at 3pm.  It’s possible to sit in on the creation/rehearsal process so I went along yesterday to take a look.  I last went to one … Continue reading →
  • A few August things August 11, 2019
    Out of town, up in bear country, Highlands Opera Studio has shows this month.  Puccini’s Suor Angelica is paired with two short contemporary opera’s; Maria Atallah’s The Chair and Kendra Harder’s Book of Faces.  That’s this coming Thursday.  Then on … Continue reading →
  • That survey August 7, 2019
    So a few weeks ago I asked readers to help me better understand how they viewed opera on video via a short survey.  The results follow though heavily caveated by the fact that only 22 people responded. Most people use … Continue reading →
  • Father Owen Lee August 7, 2019
    I received the following message from Iain Scott today.  I’m passing it on for anyone who may be interested. The funeral for Father Owen Lee will take place on this Saturday, 10th August 2019 at 10 a.m. at St Basil’s … Continue reading →

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  • Dead Equal, a new opera about women in combat August 11, 2019
    If you happen to be anywhere near Scotland this summer, make sure you check out the Edinburgh Fringe, the probably globally best known r&d festival of theatrical expression which usually doesn’t have much opera on offer. This year, however, one operatic indie, in part crowd-funded and entirely written, composed and directed by women, caught my […]
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  • Das Lied for the final lap of the TSMF August 2, 2019
    The TSMF performance of Das Lied von der Erde in the Schoenberg/Riehn reduction was a mixed bag last night, with orchestral side coming through and the vocal one much less so. The usually very capable mezzo Rihab Chaieb appeared a fish out of water in the Mahler. There was no requisite volume or colour in […]
    Definitely the Opera
  • Angela Hewitt in Goldberg Variations August 1, 2019
    There is a scene in Ian McEwan’s Saturday in which Angela Hewitt makes an appearance — indirectly, in a recording. The protagonist, an haute bourgeois surgeon Dr Perowne, likes listening to classical music in his operating theatre, and on one such occasion he puts on Bach’s Goldberg Variations on modern piano, played by Angela Hewitt. […]
    Definitely the Opera
  • Source and inspiration of a Saturday: a bit more Sarah Slean July 28, 2019
    Art of Time Ensemble’s AD Andrew Burashko prepared another concert for the TSMF this year, a mid-day do at Walter Hall this Saturday, the time slot usually reserved for the song or chamber music academy boys and gals. This was different: instead of a master class or a young talent showcase, Burashko, the Rolston String […]
    Definitely the Opera
  • Art of Time in Schubert, Hatzis, Cohen, Brel, Gershwin and Freddie Mercury July 26, 2019
    Last night at the TSMF, Art of Time did that thing that they always do well: a concert of popular songs in classical arrangements for a chamber orchestra with a piano. I’m always curious about the arrangements side of things: the composers that the AoT engages for this purpose come from a variety of backgrounds […]
    Definitely the Opera
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