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  • From the Water: vivid and powerful December 14, 2018
    I saw the opening night performance of Will King’s From the Water, presented by Seven Siblings Theatre at Tarragon’s Extraspace. A rush of responses across several categories helps me to write. It’s wonderful to be moved, to be excited on … Continue reading →
  • Questions for Will King – Seven Siblings Theatre December 8, 2018
    Will King is a graduate from the BFA Acting program at the University of Windsor. With training that includes the Moscow Art Theatre School, & workshops at R.A.D.A. the Stratford Festival, and the S.I.T.I. Company from New York, he is … Continue reading →
  • No Forbidden Questions as Aaron & Michael talk about Verbotenlieder December 6, 2018
    Aaron Durand + Michael Nyby = Tongue in Cheek Productions. No that’s not a formula but come to think of it there is a curious creative chemistry, a tendency to energize. I find it exciting to talk to them, and … Continue reading →
  • Who do you love? December 1, 2018
    When the phrase popped into my head (spoken), I was thinking of Tchaikovsky. But immediately I heard Ronnie Hawkins’ song in my head. When I heard this near the start of The Last Waltz, and come to think of it, closer … Continue reading →
  • Opera 5 –Open Chambers December 1, 2018
    Walter Pater famously said “all art constantly aspires to the condition of music”.  But did anyone bother to ask “what then does music aspire to”?  Does music seek to be something more, or should it perhaps be content to be … Continue reading →

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  • Nozze at Toronto City Opera December 10, 2018
    Toronto City Opera has been around for a while but its previous performance location at the Bickford Centre was quite sufficient to keep me away.  The Miles Nadal JCC is quite another matter.  The basic idea of TCO is that … Continue reading →
  • Electric Messiah IV December 5, 2018
    Soundstreams’ Electric Messiah is back for a fourth outing, again under the musical direction of Adam Scime.  The formula is basically the same as previous years. Take excerpts from Handel’s Messiah Add some new music Arrange for small chamber ensemble, … Continue reading →
  • Open Chambers November 29, 2018
    Staging art song and chamber works happens in Toronto but not a lot.  Over the last few years I’ve seen interesting shows from Against the Grain, Collectif and UoT Opera among others.  As it’s something I tend to enjoy I … Continue reading →
  • Art nouveau Requiem November 27, 2018
    Slightly off the usual Operaramblings track perhaps, but my attention was recently drawn to a book publishing project that may be of interest.  It’s a bilingual Latin/English text of the Mozart Requiem illustrated by artist Matt Hughes in art nouveau … Continue reading →
  • Send in the clones November 25, 2018
    Stefano Poda’s production of Turandot (he is also responsible for the sets, costumes and lighting) for Teatro Regio Torino, recorded in early 2018, is one of the most visually effective productions of this (or perhaps any opera) that I’ve seen. … Continue reading →

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  • So you just received an interview request… December 14, 2018
    You’re nervous. In a panic, even. (All normal, btw.) What do you do? Do you: A – ask the writer to send you the questions in advance? Tell you in advance how the conversation is going to transpire? B – do a bit of research about the writer’s previous work (search engines, social media, writer’s […]
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  • Joyce El-Khoury and Beste Kalender in recital November 19, 2018
    A few (belatedly posted) thoughts on the Joyce El-K and Beste K recent concert at the RCM, on the Wholenote website. Art songs delivered in a full-on operatic register within a small resonant space such as Mazzoleni Hall can be hard to take, I’ve learned last Sunday. On the program at the RCM’s intimate, chapel-like […]
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  • What are the land acknowledgements for November 9, 2018
    Due to an impending cold, I had to leave the TSO’s Britten Requiem today barely 20 min in, but I did stay long enough to hear the conductor read a land acknowledgement before saying a few words about the piece we were about to hear. I have never heard a land acknowledgement from the TSO […]
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  • New songsters on the block November 7, 2018
    A whole bunch of us missed the Muse 9 staging of Dominick Argento’s song cycle From the Diary of Virginia Woolf because it took place on the night of the Nightingale premiere at the COC. There’s a chance to see the same cast in a more or less concert version of the piece coming up […]
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  • Animula vagula blandula October 16, 2018
    I first visited Rome in 2006 and for a long while before and after it was my favourite city of all actual and possible cities. I had read the Yourcenar novel about the Emperor Hadrian especially before the trip and enjoyed it much more than I enjoy the memory of it now. Then, I thought […]
    Definitely the Opera
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