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  • Toronto Consort: Schütz’s Christmas Story December 14, 2019
    Looking for an alternative to the Messiah & Handel? Look no further than Toronto Consort’s current program, Schütz’s Christmas Story, curated by David Fallis. You will hear stunningly beautiful music that you’ve probably never encountered before. Schütz is new to … Continue reading →
  • News from Alexander Neef about Parsifal December 13, 2019
    “September 25 is going to be a big night for the Canadian Opera Company.” That’s how Alexander Neef’s email to subscribers began. It was in my inbox early this afternoon. It will be an expensive project, so of course he … Continue reading →
  • How to Singalong December 13, 2019
    I don’t presume to know how one does the Singalong Messiah thing.  I am no expert. [morning after emendation… There are different sorts of experts. Singers? organists, conductors, musicians? or the textual scholars, people who really know Handel?  I avoid … Continue reading →
  • Melancholiac at Music Gallery December 8, 2019
    The best works of theatre or music function as advocacy for the creator. A good production of a play, a great performance of a song, should persuade you of the importance of the work & its author. Melancholiac: The Music … Continue reading →
  • Figaro’s Wedding 2019 December 4, 2019
    In 2013 Against the Grain offered the first of their “transladaptations” of one of the trilogy of da Ponte-Mozart operas, Figaro’s Wedding. Tonight AtG premiered something we might call a revival of the work, with a number of intriguing differences, … Continue reading →

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  • Crowded, dirty, dangerous December 15, 2019
    The Ward Cabaret, which opened at Harbourfront last night, is an exuberant celebration of the Ward; a Toronto neighbourhood that once covered the area bounded by Queen and College and Yonge and University.  From the mid 1800s until well into … Continue reading →
  • Fairytales and Lullabyes December 11, 2019
    Yesterday’s lunchtime concert in the RBA was the last for the year in the vocal series and featured members of the Ensemble Studio.  Rachael Kerr was scheduled to do about half the accompanying but illness prevented her from playing so … Continue reading →
  • Electric Messiah again December 11, 2019
    It’s the fifth year that Soundstreams has put on Electric Messiah which I guess means it’s pretty much becoming a holiday tradition.  This iteration may just be the best yet.  This version seemed quite stripped down compared to some years … Continue reading →
  • The Confession Stone December 8, 2019
    I wanted to listen to Robert Fleming’s song cycle The Confession Stone today but I didn’t appear to have a recording in my strangely eclectic collection of physical and digital recordings.  There’s nothing either on any of the umpty ump … Continue reading →
  • Carmen #YesAllWomen December 5, 2019
    Loose Tea Music Theatre’s Carmen #YesAllWomen has been in the works for three years.  It went “live” this week with a production at Heliconian Hall.  It’s an intriguing show.  Dramatically and musically it’s recognisably based on Bizet’s Carmen but only … Continue reading →

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  • Interview: Celia Hawkesworth November 20, 2019
    To visit Celia Hawkesworth, I took a Chiltern Lines train from London’s Marylebone Station to a village next to hers known, it turned out, for its outdoors shopping mall in the guise of ye olde main street. The train had announcements in Arabic and Chinese – something I haven’t seen anywhere else in England – […]
    Definitely the Opera
  • Piaf & Dietrich November 10, 2019
    OMFG these two are a massive delight. And both are mezzos. And both are charismatic actresses in their fifties. Properly done casting. Jayne Lewis and Lousie Pitre as Marlene Dietrich and Louise Pitre as Edith Piaf in Mirvish-produced Piaf/Dietrich: A Legendary Affair at the CAA Theatre until mid-December. According to this play – Erin Shields […]
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  • Candid Susanna Mälkki November 10, 2019
    “As a young cellist, I think I’ve always had a certain anti-careerist resistance… When I see that there are things that will please the professor, I make sure I don’t do those things. And I think I’ve always been conscious of all of my ‘wrong’ choices. And I’ve become aware that the professors really like […]
    Definitely the Opera
  • Turandot by Bob Wilson: A Doll’s House October 3, 2019
    There was a bright streak of joy running through Puccini’s Turandot as conceived by Bob Wilson, contrary to this opera’s reputation as a solemn, staid affair made up of a series of proclamations. Perhaps it’s because Wilson’s famous white makeup ‘masks’ reminded so much of Buster Keaton and the comedy figures of the silent film […]
    Definitely the Opera
  • Interview: David McVicar September 30, 2019
    “You are my only interview,” says the director David McVicar as he joins me in the boardroom that has been reserved for us for this purpose at the COC’s Front Street HQ, and I presume he implies “so make it good.” Fifty minutes later, it looks like both of us could very much go on, […]
    Definitely the Opera
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