Sondra Radvanovsky gives a flawless recital

"...listening to Sondra Radvanosky on Sunday night was a spiritual experience."


Reviewing a concert given by an artist with a voice like the stentorian soprano Sondra Radvanovsky has, is a very difficult task for a music critic. After all, how can one criticize something that is flawless! Such was my experience after attending the recital she gave on Sunday, October 24 at ‘Le Grand Theatre de Quebec’ accompanied by pianist Anthony Manoli.

While Radvanosky continuously performed all the nuances written in the score: fortes, pianissimos, crescendos, decrescendos, I had to keep reminding myself -“Hey wake up! You are here to work, you must be impartial, you must be objective”… But it didn’t work. She managed to dissipate time and carried the audience to another plain of existence. One where judgment vanishes.

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