Verdi's big week

Verdi’s big week in history

As it turns out, readers, the month of March is a big one for Giuseppe Verdi. Packed into a six-day span are the anniversaries...
Joyce DiDonato and Ana Sokolović

Joyce DiDonato and Ana Sokolović host upcoming UofT events

University of Toronto's music program is adding internationally acclaimed mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato and composer Ana Sokolović to their March 2021 events line-up. Serving on a...
Rachel Krehm

Dear composer…Rachel Krehm asks: To beam, or not to beam?

In a special instalment of our composer-singer advice series, we're diving deep into notating music for singers. Drawing on her own experiences in commissioning...
racial stereotypes

Racial stereotypes in traditional opera: Opera Canada talks with Amplified Opera

What do we do with so-called "traditional" operas that contain racial stereotypes? How do we call ourselves opera lovers in the 21st century, when...
Songs for Murdered Sisters BTS

Songs for Murdered Sisters: Eking Beauty out of Tragedy

In the midst of a brutal cold spell that left millions of Texans without power, heat, and water, Houston Grand Opera (HGO)—unsinkable survivor of...
Jonelle Sills

Jonelle Sills: “I am choosing not to be lazy but to...

This is the continuation of a new series of Q&As with the artists of Canada's opera scene. After our "Quarantine Questions" from the spring/summer...
The Wild Rose Opera Project Composers

The Wild Rose Opera Project: Exploring Mental Health through Opera

Edmonton Opera is set to create four short works focused on issues in mental health in an Albertan inspired collection called The Wild Rose...
Dear composer dear singer

Dear composer…Dear singer part II: Dean Burry & Mireille Asselin

When you really think about it, the communication between an opera composer and an opera singer is a bit odd: each artist has spent...
Opera Canada, Winter 2020, Vol. LXII, No. 3

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