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Midori Marsh

Midori Marsh awarded first prize at COC’s Ensemble Studio Competition

At long last, the Canadian Opera Company's Ensemble Studio Competition has drawn to a close, and with it Canada's top young opera singer has...
The Heart's Obsession Georgina Stirling

The Heart’s Obsession sheds light on an obscure corner of Canadian opera history

The Heart’s Obsession: An Intimate Biography of Newfoundland Songstress Georgina Stirling. By Tonia Evans Cianciulli with Calvin D. Evans; 342 pp. ISBN: sc 978-1-77117-759-7,...
Benjamin Butterfield

Benjamin Butterfield, The Rubies 2019—Success in Authenticity

In a profession known for its impermanence, a near 30-year career in opera is a cause for celebration. Since his professional debut in 1991...
AtG's La bohème

AtG’s La bohème — Homecoming for Toronto’s bohemians

Against the Grain Theatre’s La bohème feels like a cult movie that everyone’s heard of but no one has actually really seen. Like Game...
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