Canadian singers: whatcha working on?

by | Mar 12, 2021 | Featured, News

Well, it’s officially been too darn long since we heard (live) the gorgeous voices of Canadian opera singers, and we’re out to change that.

We’re asking you, readers, to send us some soundbites: a phone recording of your latest practice session, a clip of the new aria you’ve been working on, your favourite warm-up of the day. It’s still no substitute for live singing, but what we’re after is the happening-right-now, the gritty progress recordings, the showing off of singing skills you’ve acquired since March 2020. New high notes? Love it. Quicker coloratura? Bravo. Belting, yodeling, or whistle tone? Let’s hear.

What will we do with these soundbites? We’ll spread the joyful noise on our social media – quick posts, a game of name-that-singer, a chance to celebrate a new vocal achievement. We might use it for some of our advertisements, created in-house by our team; snippets of the Brindisi from La traviata are always catchy, but not as special as the latest and greatest from the living rooms of your favourite Canadian singers.

So readers, tell the singers in your lives: we’re looking for 15-60 seconds of Canadian opera singing (pros, amateurs, and shower-singers welcome!), sent to Jenna at Don’t fuss about recording quality – it’s a pandemic (still!) and we’re looking for heart and soul, here.

Can’t wait to hear you!



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