Opera Canada wants your requests! Please!

by | Jan 10, 2021 | Featured, News, Uncategorized

Hi, Canadian opera lovers!

Jenna here. You might know me from Opera Canada‘s social media channels, where I’ve been spending time over the last year or so as the magazine’s Social Media Manager. Starting this month, you’ll hear from me a lot more, as I’m taking on a bigger role with our online content. Exciting, eh?

Opera Canada in 2021

Jenna Simeonov, a part of team Opera Canada, back when we could still all go to offices.

So, before we all get too deep into 2021, I figured a mutual introduction might be worthwhile. You’ve met me, and now, readers, I want to meet you!

Tell me your Opera Canada requests: What do you want to read about in our online content?

More interviews? Are you eager for more Q&As with up-and-comers? More checking in with established stars? If you could ask a Canadian opera singer anything, even if it’s not about opera, what would it be?

Or maybe you’re craving more hot topics. But how hot? Like, are we talking, the controversy surrounding straight tone in bel canto? Or more like, why it’s so tough to get a new Canadian opera up at the country’s biggest opera house?

Are you looking to learn? Maybe some listening recommendations from Canadian opera gurus? A warm-up routine from your favourite singers? Or maybe a how-to guide for creating new opera that fosters equity, diversity, and inclusion?

And what about fun? Are you eager for good news, even if it doesn’t always happen in Canada?

So, Opera Canada readers, give me your ideas. Big ideas, little unfinished germs of ideas, all of it. I’m determined to start 2021 on a good, solid, well-vibrating high note – and like most good opera, it’ll be a team effort.

Get in touch with your ideas, story pitches, and requests. Send me an email at outreach@operacanada.ca, or leave your thoughts in the comments section.



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