‘Tell me what traditional means’ – director Richard Jones on La Bohème

by | Sep 8, 2017 | News

He put Rhinemaidens in fat suits, breathed life into Turnage’s Anna Nicole – now he is directing Covent Garden’s first new production of La Bohème for four decades. Richard Jones gives a rare interview

Pink floorboards, yellow chairs, green cupboards and five different sorts of joyously clashing wallpaper: this could be a Richard Jones stage set, especially if you include the garden gnome. We are, in fact, in the director’s south London house – though this meeting is quite a drama. Jones “never” does any interviews and claims to have forgotten how they go.

“If this was for World of Interiors I’d be OK,” he muses, soft spoken, wry and a little nervous. Why the resistance? “Bad experiences.” Why agree now? He evades my question, focusing on the arrival of his cat. The answer – had he given one – might have been: “I guess it’s about time.”

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Source: Opera News from the UK Guardian



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