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Our Artist of the Week is sought-after, Newfoundland-born tenor Adam Luther—alumnus of the Canadian Opera Companys Ensemble Studio. Next week, Luther opens Pacific Opera Victoria’s Carmen singing Don José alongside Carolyn Sproule in the title role, Jorell Williams as Escamillo, and Lauren Margison as Micaëla. The production will run from Oct 12 to 18, 2022, directed by François Racine with Timothy Vernon on the podium. Luther is also an alumnus of Wilfrid Laurier University and the University of Toronto.

When was your first singing lesson (and with whom)?
As a kid, I began to take piano and voice lessons. I ‘studied’, as much as any 10 year could, with one of the three music teachers living in Corner Brook, NF. Her name is Kate Anderson, and she left a wonderful impression on me as her love of music was quite infectious. She always had the habit of leaving her reading glasses on her head, then frantically searching around the entire house in hopes of finding them. I really enjoyed my time with her.

What/who inspired you to sing?
From the same source that inspires me to be thankful for delicious food, be kind to strangers, and smile.

Drink of choice?
A fresh, fruity IPA on a warm fall day.

Heels or flats?
That of course depends on what I’m wearing. My foot gear needs to match my outfit for me to feel completely pro. If it’s a typical day, I’m at home with my three young boys and baby girl. You’ll find me knee deep in my usual routine of cleaning up spilled liquid, managing meltdowns, building forts and wiping bums. For this job, I’m usually sporting the t-shirt from the night before coupled with bleached stained shorts…and of course, my very BEST heels.

Favourite city that you’ve worked in?
Victoria, BC. There is something about being on the water.

2022 Rubies Awards Gala

Monday, November 7, 2022 6PM
An Evening Celebrating Canadian Opera Artists



What opera role do you want to be singing right now?
Don José.

What’s your ancestry?
My mother’s parents came from German occupied areas of Russia and Poland. During the war both fled to Canada, overcoming extreme hardships among the way.
They first met each other in Kitchener, Ontario. My father’s family, the Luthers, were one of the first settlers in Newfoundland in the 17th century. However, they organically came from Germany, as they were direct descendants of Martin Luther.

What is your favourite mind-calming practise?
I have always loved fire. For me a perfect way to relax and slow everything down is to get a good blaze going, preferably not in my house, but outside in my fire pit.

What colour best symbolizes your personality?

What nickname do your friends call you, and why?
When my friends are joking around they normally play around with my last name and call me Luthdog, Luth or even Lulu. But when they are deadly serious I am referred to as The Great One or Your Majesty.

What is the ultimate goal of opera?
I believe the ultimate goal of opera is to challenge the all artists involved to make it the greatest art form the world has ever known. Because that is what it is. And the pursuit of this goal is noble and deeply rewarding. When it all comes together, there is a beauty that is undeniable and completely unique. It touches both the artist and the audience equally. What a job!!

Photo Ⓒ Darcy Jimenez

Pacific Opera Victoria
Composed by Georges Bizet

Oct 12-18, 2022


Instantly recognizable and utterly unforgettable, Carmen is the ultimate return to opera at a grand scale. There is no one quite like Carmen, a brave and beautiful free spirit, eternally falling in and out of love. None can resist, and few understand, this willful and charismatic woman – least of all Corporal Don José. Succumbing to her seduction, he abandons his past life, and his reason, until he cannot let her go. When new love blossoms, toxic desire leads to dire consequences. Can destruction be avoided, or do we live and die by the hand dealt by fate? Overflowing with audacious harmonies and irresistible melodies that have become an indelible part of popular culture, this opera is not to be missed!

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