Attention Indigenous, Black and People of Colour who Work in Opera

by | Feb 25, 2022 | Featured, News

The intensification of IBPOC (Indigenous, Black, and People of Colour) activism at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has put a halt to business-as-usual in classical music has prompted many to pause and reflect on the leadership and governance structures of the Canadian opera industry, the repertoire that is performed and how it is performed, and the artists who perform it and how they are treated.

In this moment of revelation and reflection, there is a unique opportunity for IBPOC artists to share their stories and to see those stories transformed into meaningful action.

Amplified Opera and Nina Penner (Brock University) invite singers of colour who work in opera in Canada to participate in a research project entitled: “Exploring IBPOC Experiences in Opera in Canada.” We aim to collect a wide array of authentic stories from singers and other opera professionals across Canada. By sharing compelling accounts of IBPOC artists who have worked and trained at a range of post-secondary institutions, young artist programs, and opera companies in Canada, this research aims to encourage the opera industry to become more open and equitable. Your stories (anonymized in their presentation) are critical to this process and will form the basis for evidence-based recommendations made by an established academic institution to opera institutions in Canada.

The first stage of research is a 10-minute online survey. Interested participants will be entered into a draw for 1 of 10 prizes of $100. For more information or to take part, please contact Nina Penner at

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Angie Bell

Angela Bell is Opera Canada’s Digital Media Specialist. She has held digital and PR roles with various businesses including the Walt Disney Company, Sullivan Entertainment and Toronto International Film Festival.



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