Tapestry upcoming seasons offer experiential live performances

by | May 27, 2021 | Featured, News

Tapestry Opera is reintroducing live performances in a new way with an exciting announcement about their upcoming seasons through 22/23.

Unveiling their upcoming projects for the next few years, Tapestry is promising five premiere productions in the works as a part of their commitment to bringing new opera activity to buildings and spaces throughout Toronto.

Gould’s Wall is a look into the life of musical icon Glenn Gould and his search for perfection. Created by composer Brian Current and librettist Liza Balkan, opera singers are set to climb the interior wall of the Royal Conservatory of Music’s atrium as part of the performance. Gould’s Wall is planned for Tapestry’s 2021/22 season.

Tapestry 22/23 season Liza Balkan

Liza Balkan, librettist of Gould’s Wall. Photo: Courtesy of Tapestry Opera

R.U.R. Torrent of Light, also set for 2021/22, is an exploration into the relationship between humans and technology 20 years in the future. In partnership with OCAD University, the opera created by composer Nicole Lizée and librettist Nicolas Billon will include an immersive innovative design for audiences to enjoy.

Tapesty 22/23 season Nicolas Billon

Nicolas Billon, librettist for R.U.R. Torrent of Light. Photo David Leyes

Dragon’s Tale created by composer Ka Nin Chan and librettist Mark Brownell is a new opera that was supposed to be performed June 2021 on Toronto’s Waterfront. Inspired by the poet Qu Yuan and the origin of the Dragon Boat race in Chinese mythology, it is now re-scheduled for Tapestry’s 22/23 season.

Tapestry 22/23 season Mark Brownell

Mark Brownell, librettist for Dragon’s Tale. Photo: Courtesy of Tapestry Opera

Of the Sea was composed by Ian Cusson and librettist Kanika Ambrose as a story of a father and daughter who fall to the bottom of the ocean and meet underwater people. In partnership with Obsidian Theatre, the opera follow their struggle to get back to the surface.

Kanika Ambrose Tapestry 22/23 season

Kanika Ambrose, librettist for Of the Sea. Photo: Courtesy of Tapestry Opera

10 days in the Madhouse tells the story of reporter Nellie Bly who admitted herself into a women’s sanitorium in 19th Century New York. In Partnership with Opera Philadelphia the opera was created by Rene Orth and librettist Hannah Moscovitch.

Hannah Moscovitch, 10 Days in a Madhouse Librettist.

Hannah Moscovitch, librettist for 10 Days in a Madhouse. Photo: Courtesy of Tapestry Opera

“LIVE is coming back to Tapestry Opera with a bang! From singers in mid-air in Gould’s Wall to pioneering new integrations of technology in R.U.R., this season is going to be one of Tapestry’s most exciting seasons,” said Tapestry’s Artistic & General Director Michael Hidetoshi Mori, and Executive Director Jaime Martino in a joint statement. “We’ve been developing these and future projects during the pandemic, so that we can come back bolder than ever to thrill and engage with our audiences.”

Casting and ticket sales for the Tapestry 22/23 season will be announced in Fall 2021.



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