Quarantine Questions: Adrianne Pieczonka

by | May 12, 2020 | Featured, Interviews, News

A chance purchase during one of her last contracts is bringing Adrianne Pieczonka some pandemic solace. The Canadian soprano answers our Quarantine Questions:

What is something you’ve lost to the pandemic?

“What I’ve lost to the pandemic (other than engagements, naturally) is the joy of meeting friends and family face-to-face. We are all denied the pleasure of hugging and being close to others outside our immediate families.

“One doesn’t realize how hard this is until one is denied these basic activities which we all enjoy and take for granted. Of course, every singer and musician has lost the opportunity to make music with others, but on an even more basic level is the loss of spending face-to-face time with friends and expressing physical affection with them.”

What have you done with your unexpected time, that makes you grateful?

“I was in Madrid in January and February 2020, singing Sieglinde in Die Walküre at Teatro Real. That alone is something I feel gratitude for! While I was there I bought a beautiful Spanish guitar. I am an amateur guitarist and love to play—mostly folk music from the 60s and 70s. That guitar has proved to be such a source of comfort to me during this pandemic. I love to sit and sing through a few songs every day. Maybe the vibrations of the guitar strings have a calming affect on my nervous system! I’m improving my technique by watching YouTube videos. Oh—and I am very thankful for YouTube!”



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