Soundstreams 21/22 season: strong on song

by | Aug 11, 2021 | Featured, News

Soundstreams is welcoming audiences back to live performances with a 21/22 season themed renewal and rebirth.

“While the pandemic did bring a temporary end to live performance, it provoked us to develop new ways of engaging with audiences through programming on digital platforms that was never intended to be a substitute for live experience,” said Lawrence Cherney, Founding Artistic Director of Soundstreams.

The upcoming season will offer a mix of broadcasted digital productions and will be starting its live event lineup in 2022.

Opening the Soundstreams 21/22 season in September is Garden of Vanished Pleasures, a filmed production directed by Tim Albery and featuring new work from composers Cecilia Livingston and Donna McKevitt. The story follows queer rights activist Derek Jarman discovering his own form of hope, resilience, and solace in his garden by the sea in the midst of the AIDS crisis. Starring in the film are soprano Mireille Asselin, soprano
Lindsay McIntyre, mezzo-soprano Rebecca Cuddy and countertenor Daniel Cabena

Garden of Vanished Pleasures Soundstreams 21/22 season

Tim Albery with the cast of Soundstreams Garden of Vanished Pleasures. Photo: Claire Harvie

“The Garden of Vanished Pleasures, which opens the season, is a poignant metaphor for the whole season: a reminder that we must come to terms with what we have lost, at the same time as we plant hopeful seeds of rebirth and renewal,” said Cherney.

In October 2021, Love Songs is a digital production inspired by Claude Vivier featuring a vocal ensemble including Carla Huhtanen, Lindsay McIntyre, Vania Chan, Robin Dann, Bud Roach, Alex Samaras, and Keith Lam.

Lastly, Messiah makes its return after last year’s celebrated film version with Electric Messiah. This re-imagining bring Handel’s work to audiences digitally in December 2021 with a uniquely Toronto twist and featuring new work from composer Lieke van der Voort.

Electric Messiah Soundstreams 21/22 Season

Treble Teiya Kasahara in the Soundstreams’ 2020 production of Electric Messiah. Photo: Dahlia Katz

With two other original productions featuring percussion and dance in the 21/22 season, a total of five world premieres are part of the exciting line-up of shows from Soundstreams.

Tickets and more information about Soundstreams 21/22 season can be found here.

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